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Marpa Foundation warmly invites you to participate in the dharma feast of Rinpoche's profound teachings! 

The digital library project is well underway.

For many decades, Rinpoche has travelled the world, creating wonderful auspicious dharma connections with fortunate students.

These teachings have to a great extent been recorded. Under the auspices of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, Marpa Foundation has been collecting these teachings, digitally archived and catalogued them, and they are now being made available online.

The project can be described in the following way:

1.      The database:

Marpa Foundation has developed a database, where all the information related to registering, digitizing, archiving, reviewing and post-producing these recordings are kept.

Up to this date we have more than 17,000 individual audio or video recordings digitized. Approximately 3,500 audio and video teachings have been reviewed and post-produced. Of these, about 900 video.

2.      The MF server:

This server functions as a work-station where all files - i.e. videos, audios, photos, transcripts etc. - are kept and safely backed up to the cloud, and where senior students have access to all this wonderful material.

3.      The digital library:

An internet “learning-management system” has been modified in order to facilitate the library. Here, any sentient being with internet connection can access and work with the teaching material that has been made available.

Because of the immensity of Rinpoche’s activity, the library is categorized according to the entire Buddhist path and the degree to which a student fulfills the prerequisites for restricted material. To best describe this wonderful site, please see it for yourself at:

4.      The Sungbum project:

It is the aspiration of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche to publish all Rinpoche’s teachings. The preservation of teaching material is completely essential to such a project.

With the aspiration that as many sentient beings as possible may get a connection to Rinpoche’s wondrous enlightened activity, Marpa Foundation invites you to roam the digital library and take delight in Rinpoche’s profound teachings and blessing.

Please consider supporting this project financially. Any amount is most welcome.

To donate click here.

If you have recordings of Rinpoche teaching, please consider sharing them with others via the library project.

Marpa Foundation would like to assure you, that you do not lose your recordings by doing so. On the contrary, after digitization they will be returned to you alongside a little gift: a digital version of them.

In that way, when you want to listen to them, they are suddenly just a click away!

Precautions have of course been taken to safeguard the teachings, such as measures for maintaining the proper environment for restricted material.

For sending recordings to be digitized, please contact