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Your support of Khenpo Rinpoche's nuns through the KTGR Nuns Sponsorship program will ensure that they can continue to study and practice the dharma following his instructions for many years to come.

The Benefits of Nun Sponsorship

The KTGR Nuns Sponsorship Program provides all the nuns at Tek Chok Ling (Nepal) and Karma Drubdey (Bhutan) with proper education, nutritious food, comfortable housing, medical care, books, and the chance to fully engage in the practice of the Buddha’s teachings.

Your tax-deductible support of $2 a day (or less than 2 € a day) makes this possible for over 200 nuns from Tibet, Himalayan regions of Nepal, and Bhutan.

Khenpo Rinpoche's nuns combine traditional dharma study and practice with Rinpoche's instructions on the view and meditation. They demonstrate this through singing Milarepa songs, performing their Tara dance, and practicing lujong (physical yoga).

Sponsors receive bi-annual letters from their nun and periodic updates from the Nun Sponsorship coordinators.

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Support a nun at Tek Chok Ling nunnery in Nepal

Resident Monastics

Nuns, ranging in age from 17 to 75, practice, study, and live together under the guidance of Khenpo Rinpoche. They follow a rigorous schedule of pujas, study, and daily chores. In addition to regular classes in dharma studies, the nuns have the opportunity for daily classes in English, Nepali, Tibetan, science, social studies and math, as well as special classes in dharma arts. The nuns also take turns doing retreat in the mountains of Yolmo (Helambu).
Cost: $60/month
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Monastics enrolled at Shree Mangal Dvip

Nuns under the age of 16, in addition to their dharma education, receive a regular education by attending Shree Mangal Dvip, the school for Himalayan children started by the venerable Thrangu Rinpoche. All the nuns attending SMD have sponsors for their tuition and for their daily and annual living support at Tek Chok Ling.  If you would particularly like to donate to nuns furthering their education I suggest donating to the nuns enrolled in the Shedrup Pheljeling Shedra at Karma Drubdey, Khenpo Rinpoche's nunnery in Bhutan. 
Cost: $60/month
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Support a nun at Karma Drubdey nunnery in Bhutan

Resident Monastics

Ninety nuns meditate, study, and dance together following the instructions of Khenpo Rinpoche. Their strict life of pujas, study, and daily chores includes English classes and specialized dharma studies with visiting khenpos (scholars). Being in an isolated mountainous area, these nuns need our support to sustain their contemplative community.
Cost: $60/month
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Monastics enrolled in Shedrup Pheljeling Shedra

This shedra (monastic college) is one of a very small number of Kagyu shedras for nuns. Its nine-year program covers the traditional Buddhist philosophical studies, from abhidharma to madhyamaka. In 2011, the shedra started with eighteen nuns.  Eight more joined in 2012 and now, 2013, forty-one students are participating in this school of higher education. The aim is to provide this opportunity for up to 80 nuns, including Karma Drubdey residents, Tek Chok Ling residents and other nuns.

Cost: $60/month
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