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Why Turning towards Genuine Dharma

Thunder makes a loud noise but it's just empty sound,
A rainbow is pretty, but it soon fades,
People may find some joy but it's all just a dream,
Sense enjoyments give pleasure that causes suffering.
Composite things seem so permanent, but they quickly end,
The wealth you had yesterday, today is gone.
The people with us last year now this year have died,
Excellent friends have become enemies.
When you eat healthy food it turns into poison,
The ones that you've cared for, in turn do you wrong.

The bad things you do only hurt yourself,
Out of one hundred heads, you like your own best.
Though you have ten fingers, the one cut is what hurts,
Out of your whole family, you like yourself most.
The time has now come to take care of yourself,
This life is impermanent, you will soon die,
Putting off Dharma practice is a bad thing to do.
The family you love throws you into samsara,
It's time to rely on the lama, right now.
Then you will find joy in this life and the next,
It's time to practice true Dharma, right now.

Sung to the hunter Chirawa Gönpo Dorje, later known as Chira Repa. Tibetan page 441. Under the guidance of Dechen Rangdrol, translated by Ari Goldfield, Tekchen Kyetsal, Tenerife, Spain, May 27, 2003. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.