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The Three Ways Things Are Fine

In my own body, the victors’ mandala,
Resides the deity, the essence of all buddhas,
Being fixation-free gives the sense pleasures blessing,
And day and night I offer them to this mandala,
So even if there aren’t any outer offerings, that’s fine!

In the three realms’ self-arisen palace,
All six families’ wandering beings have the buddha nature,
And when I recognize great original wisdom
Wherever I am is an infinite palace,
Whoever I’m with are yidam deities,
And whatever I do is pure Dharmadhatu,
So even if there’s no support for outer offerings, that’s fine!

Onto outer appearances’ light and dark paper,
Great original wisdom’s ink is applied,
The five sense faculties write the letters on the page,
And whatever may appear I know is Dharmakaya,
So even if there are no texts with words written in black, that’s fine!

Generally, all sentient beings in the three realms of samsara
Have precisely this suchness, but do not realize it.
But if you can apply the profound pith instructions,
You get an excellent samadhi that never parts from the three kayas,
And when it comes my time to die, what delight!

Tibetan pages 667-8. Under the guidance of Dechen Rangdrol, translated by Ari Goldfield, May 25, 2004, Kamalashila Institute, Langenfeld, Germany. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.