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Thirty Three Kinds of Yogic Joy

At your feet, Oh Marpa who've been so kind, I bow
I've tasted the bliss of cutting the near-and-dear bond
The bliss of abandoning clinging to fatherland
And the bliss of no territory to administrate
The bliss of not getting corrupted by sangha donations
The bliss of there being no house and no home for me
The bliss of not needing to furnish all this with all that
And the bliss of being a rich man with noble wealth
The bliss of not needing the pains of maintaining my upkeep
The bliss of not risking it all gets scattered and lost
The bliss of not being afraid of the wealth running out
And the bliss of knowing the way through the passage to mind
The bliss of not needing to locate a benefactor
The bliss of not getting too tired, faint-hearted, fed up
The bliss of not leading a hypocritical life
And the bliss of it being the Dharma, whatever I do
The bliss of not getting exhausted and wanting to leave
The bliss of no fear of the chances of losing my life
The bliss of no fear when robbers break in to steal
And the bliss of constructive conditions for nurturing good
The bliss of abandoning actions involving wrongdoing
The bliss of endeavoring meritorious deeds
The bliss of not having a harmful and angry mind
And the bliss of avoiding pride and envy too
The bliss of seeing what's wrong with the eight wordly dharmas
And equanimity's bliss, where I let them be
There's the bliss of looking where mind is looking at mind
And the bliss of doing this, free of all hope and fear
The bliss in the space of clear light where there's no hanging on
The bliss of non-thought not clinging in wisdom's expanse
The bliss just naturally there in the native state
The bliss when the six kinds of consciousness rest in themselves
The bliss when the consciousness shines in the doors of perception
And the bliss of cutting discursive mind's to and fro

Yes, I have all these many good ways of being just fine
And this is a song of a yogi's own kind of delight
I harbor no wish for all kinds of other delights
If I die, I'm delighted, it won't be because I've done wrong
If I live, I'm delighted, there's plenty of good yet to do
Now the food and the clothing some fine folk have kindly supplied
For all this, I can thank the three jewels and the guru so kind
The yogi is blissful to be on his way to bliss

How are you all and have you accomplished your aims
Are you happy too, have you done what you set out to do?

Under the guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, translated and arranged by Jim Scott, Karma Tengyal Ling, Ludwigshorst, Germany, Summer, 1994, Tibetan page 281. Translation copyright 2012, Jim Scott