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Ten Things It’s Like

When compassion wells up from within the depths of my heart
I see the three realms’ beings like they’re burning in a pit of fire

When I’m clinging in my heart to the teachings of the whispered lineage
That clinging just dissolves, like salt dissolving in water

When primordial wisdom arises inside, all doubts about it
Where you’re thinking maybe this is it, or maybe this is not it
Are like dreaming that you’re meditating when you also know that you’re dreaming
And the post-meditation is what happens when you wake up from that dream

When great bliss is embraced by the view of emptiness
Everything appearing liberates itself like bubbles on the water

When you know the true nature of everything to be known
The wisdom that’s aware of the true nature’s like a cloud-free sky

When the mud settles down and mind’s river is crystal clear
Self-arisen awareness is like a polished mirror’s shine

When the base-consciousness dissolves in the dharmakaya
The skandhas born of craving and grasping get crushed like an egg

When you’ve cut the rope of clinging, then the bardo in between two lives
Is like a snake tied in a knot, the knot just comes untied

When your conduct is free of all adopting and all rejecting
The mind just settles down in a space that’s action-free
And this mind that settles down in a space that’s action-free
Is like the body and the mind and roar of a lion in his prime

Bright appearance, bright emptiness, and wisdom bright
Are like the blazing sun when it’s shining in a cloud-free sky

Under the guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, translated and arranged by Jim Scott and Ari Goldfield, June 17, 2000. Revised August 13, 2000. Tibetan page 593.Translation copyright 2012, Jim Scott and Ari Goldfield