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The Song of Open Compassion

Lord Marpa of Lhodrak, I bow at your feet,
Please bless sentient beings that their anger may dissolve.

You've got a dog's body but the face of a wolf,
Angry wolf-faced doggie, listen well to Mila's song:

You think that whatever appears is your foe,
Anger and bad thoughts agitate your mind.
Wrong-doer, now you've taken birth as a dog,
And you always suffer from hunger's gnawing pain.
The pain of the kleshas never lets you rest.
If you don't capture your own mind inside,
Capturing the body of another won't help.
If you want to catch something, it's time to catch your mind.

Give up your anger and sit down right here,
See how this anger agitates you so.
You look at the far mountain and fear you'll lose your prey,
You look at the near mountain and hope you'll make your catch.
You wander samsara filled with hope and fear,
Naropa's six dharmas, I shall explain to you.
I'll teach you to meditate on the Great Seal—
I'll teach you the practice of Mahamudra !

Sung to a dog by Milarepa. Tibetan page 432.

Under the guidance of Dechen Rangdrol, translated by Ari Goldfield, Tekchen Kyetsal, Tenerife, Spain, May 27, 2003. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield