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The Sky-Dragon's Profound Roar

Up in the sky’s expanse, true being, unborn, forever pure
Beautiful is the world below me—how many colors do I see
But when I look, I can’t find anything that’s born or has a root
So the time has come to meditate on true reality, of ego-clinging free

All my possessions, all that I enjoy, are like rainbows in the sky
Even their smallest parts have no essence—they don’t exist at all
So when I enjoy illusory pleasures, empty-appearing tea and beer
It’s time to rest in mind’s full moon—empty awareness, radiant clarity

The stages of practice of the Tathagata’s view and meditation
Are skillful methods that clear away ordinary thoughts
So I train in appearance and mind being without base or root—
When sickness and death suddenly strike, I’ll be ready, without regret

In the pattern that this world and life’s appearances weave
Visions of parents, relatives and friends are like illusions and dreams
Like morning mist, they are fleeting, and at the time they dissolve
That’s the time to search for unborn confused mind’s basic reality

In the baseless, rootless and empty confused appearances of life
We suffer from heat and from cold and from so many other things
But diligence in Secret Yana’s practices, so powerful
Makes fox-like cowardice be free all by itself—the time has come!

To what we beautify with hats and clothes, to this heap of elements
We offer tasty food and many other things—whatever we may find pleasing
But the carelessness and craziness of this life will end one day
So be ready to be fearless of the judgment of the mighty Lord of Death

From the country of great snow mountains, a realm of Dharma
Having crossed many hills and valleys and now flying through the sky
I purify illusory flesh and blood into empty-appearing deity
Paths and bhumis’ realizations self-liberated—in this I train

Ha Ha! Dechen Rangdrol’s conduct that’s attachment-free
A Ho! It’s time to fly in the expanse of sky of spacious Mother

This was spoken extemporaneously by Dechen Rangdrol while travelling in the expanse of sky from Los Angeles to Honolulu. October 29, 1998.
Translated by Ari Goldfield with the help of George Eudy. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.