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A Praise of Nagarjuna

Just as the Teacher, the Perfect Buddha prophesied,
You dissolved all fabrications,
And described the freedom from the extremes,
I bow to you.

All these phenomena in samsara and nirvana—
When we’re confused and don’t analyze, they seem to be real,
But when logically analyzed, not the tiniest thing can be perceived,
And when thoroughly analyzed, it’s beyond all concept.
This is your teaching.

The form of the sun that shines up in the cloudless sky’s expanse
On the surface of a clear blue lake, manifests so bright,
Just so, all phenomena as dependent mere appearances
The shining sun of wisdom will today illuminate.

From the utterly secluded, beautiful, peaceful heights
Of the Glorious Southern Mountain, Lho Chok Pal-kyi Ri,
This appearing yet empty, illusory person
Has sung out this sound-emptiness inseparable sound!

February 8, 2004, Nagarjunakonda (the home of Nagarjuna), India.
Translated by Ari Goldfield. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.