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The Miraculous View, Meditation, Conduct, and Fruition: A Little Song at the Heart of The Profound Meaning

Namo Shri Hasa Vajra Ye!

In twenty mighty fortresses and in eight great caves,
For the lineage practicing the definitive meaning, you showed the way.
With such profound view and meditation,
Profound conduct and fruition,
Great Shepa Dorje, all yogis call you “King”
As you sit on my heart’s lotus throne, I make you offerings!  

A view to hold, a person with a theory—
All of this is just conceptual activity.
The most profound meaning leaves it all behind—
Ultimate reality transcends the thinking mind.
With scripture and reasoning as its adorning jewels,  
This explanation of view is a miracle!

Within emptiness, clear light, mind’s reality,
Without effort, fresh, resting relaxedly,
Completely naturally, you just settle in,
That’s all there is in meditation.
The skill in the practice involves realizing
That there’s no object and no one meditating.
With this skill as its adorning jewel
This meditation is a miracle!  

Actions of body and speech are of such variety,
And when they are in motion, doing whatever it may be,
Join them with the view and meditation that transcend conceptuality,
For these are the greatest friends of conduct’s activity.
When not practicing formal meditation,
Enter the samadhi where all experience is illusion.
Illusion-like samadhi is the adorning jewel
Of this conduct that is a miracle!

Mind’s true nature is primordial purity,
In its natural state it has always been free.
Nothing to attain, no one attaining anything,
No attaining at all can be seen,
Yet dependently arising, and labeled by convention
Is the appearance of someone attaining fruition!
With this appearance as its adorning jewel
This fruition is a miracle!

Besides all of this, in addition,
These are great miracles for two more reasons—
Samsara and nirvana, in genuine reality
Are of the nature of complete equality,
And kleshas self-liberated are original wisdom,
So view, meditation, conduct, and fruition are miraculous!

Again, these are the amazing ones—
View, meditation, conduct, and fruition
When free from doubt, you’re sure about these four
It’s a sign you’ve practiced in lives before!
Realizing this is a wonderful feeling
Let it be a cause for your rejoicing!

Through this virtue may everyone
Practice miraculous view, meditation, conduct, and fruition!
By doing so in this life, and into infinity
May others’ benefit be accomplished spontaneously!

Sung extemporaneously on December 22, 1997, by the one only called “Khenpo”, Tsultrim Gyamtso. Translated by Ari Goldfield.Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.