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The Little Melody of Knowing Adversity Is Your Friend

Lord Milarepa, please grant your blessing.

This life is impermanent and changing,
But subtle impermanence has no inherent nature,
And if you know this well, that is spacious Dharmadhatu, the expanse of qualities.
May you always abide in Dharmadhatu’s expanse.

Samsara is of the nature of suffering,
But if you realize its abiding reality, suffering is self-liberated.
The disturbing emotions are self-liberated, too—
May you always meditate in the expanse that is free by itself.

The discouraged mind does not bind you, nor is there any being free,
And the discouraged mind’s abiding reality is luminosity-emptiness.
This luminosity-emptiness is originally pure and free—
Gain stable certainty in how mind is originally free.

There is a future, but it is just like a dream,
And if you take it to be truly existent, suffering will increase,
So train in being like in a dream when you know you are dreaming,
And make your samadhi that sees all to be illusory better and better.

Fiercely adverse conditions cause suffering, it’s true,
But if you know that adverse conditions are Dharma’s friends,
Because of adverse conditions, you’ll achieve the supreme goal,
Adverse conditions self-liberated is the path to enlightenment.

Dechen Rangdrol sends this to you from the expanse free from coming and going. January 7, 2004.Translated by Ari Goldfield. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.