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Instructions that Can be Understood Simply by Reading Them: How to Practice During Daily Activities

The yoga of rising early in the morning is practiced like this:
As soon as you wake up, look up into the sky,
Think dakas and dakinis fill the sky, singing and dancing,
They’re singing vajra songs and dancing vajra dances.

When practicing the purifying yoga of washing, from Shri Vajrasattva’s16 kaya
There comes a continuous flow of amrita, washing your body inside and out,
Your body becomes appearance-emptiness, just like a rainbow,
You transform into the enlightened form of your yidam deity.

The supreme fearless conduct for destroying laziness is physical yoga,
So do lüjong and trülkhor with your vajra brothers and sisters,
Train in pure vision by seeing them as dakas and dakinis,
Your own body is appearance-emptiness like an illusion,
Sounds are sound and emptiness like an echo,
Let your mind settle within its nature, clarity-emptiness,
Then do your exercise like an emanation, and dance like a watermoon,
All is self-arisen and self-liberated in its very nature,


When practicing the yoga of eating and drinking, meditate on yourself as a deity,
And then enjoy your food and drink as a ganachakra,
Pray that you will perfectly gather a great accumulation of merit,
And that what you’ve taken in will sustain your meditation.

When going or staying, and on all paths of conduct, practice this yoga:
Every time your body moves around, it’s vajra dance,
All your speech is vajra mantra, all thoughts are luminous clarity—
Everything appearing is Mahamudra’s play.

When practicing the yoga of altruistic enlightened activity,
With pure loving-kindness, lead your relatives and friends to the Dharma,
Towards your enemies, train in patience and great compassion,
Make aspiration prayers for all wandering beings to find happiness,
Think that auspiciousness, virtue, and excellence are on the upswing,
Think that auspiciousness, virtue, and excellence are increasing.

When it’s time to do the yoga of lying down and sleeping, practice like this:
Gather perceived and perceiver back within Dharmadhatu,
Within genuine reality, luminous clarity, let go and relax,
Then look directly at the nature of relaxed mind,
Look directly, and settle within your basic being,
Self-liberated awareness—a la la!

These instructions, which can be understood simply by reading them, about how to practice Dharma in the intervals between sessions was spontaneously spoken by Dechen Rangdrol to the Dechen Chöling schedule chiefs. July 3, 2005.
Translated by Ari Goldfield. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.