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Guru Rinpoche Prayer

A Prayer that Appearances be Liberated as the Deity,
that Sounds be Liberated as Mantra,
and that Thoughts be Liberated into Pure Being

All these forms that appear to eyes that see
All things on the outside and the inside
The environment and its inhabitants
Appear, but let them rest where no self’s found
Perceiver and perceived, when purified
Are the body of the deity, clear emptiness
To the guru, for whom desire frees itself
To Orgyen Pema Jungnay, I supplicate

All these sounds that appear for ears that hear
Taken as agreeable or not
Let them rest in the realm of sound and emptiness
Past all thought, beyond imagination
Sounds are empty, unarisen and unceasing
These are what make up the Victor’s teaching
To the teachings of the Victor, sound and emptiness
To Orgyen Pema Jungnay, I supplicate

All these movements of mind towards its objects
These thoughts that make five poisons and afflictions
Leave thinking mind to rest without contrivances
Do not review the past nor guess the future
If you let such movement rest in its own place
It liberates into the dharmakaya
To the guru, for whom awareness frees itself
To Orgyen Pema Jungnay, I supplicate

Grant your blessing that purifies appearance
Of objects perceived as being outside
Grant your blessing that liberates perceiving mind
The mental operation seeming inside
Grant your blessing that, between the two of these
Clear light will come to recognize its own face
In your compassion, sugatas of all three times
Please bless me, that a mind like mine be freed

Sung by Guru Rinpoche to Namkhai Nyingpo
Under the guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, translated and arranged by Jim Scott in Aarhus, Denmark, September 28, 1997. Translation copyright 2012, Jim Scott