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Five Authentic Remedies to Practice Right

When your mind is scattered, just stomp on your thoughts with the view of Mahamudra,
Clinging to marks and signs will self-liberate, what a miracle!

When your mind feels unhappy, go begging for alms and practice equal taste,
All your various perceptions will self-liberate, what a miracle!

When you have some bad experiences, go discuss Dharma with your experienced friends,
Discussing the Dharma with experienced friends will surely help your mind.

When you find it hard to believe the Dharma, please read the Buddha's words,
The power of his teachings' truth will bring you certainty.

When in your heart there is no joy, supplicate the lord,
Your father guru's blessings will benefit your mind.

When you look at people who have no faith, then what do you see?
They lie down in the bed of samsara, but don't get a good night's sleep!
For they place their head on a pillow that's made of the five poisons
And all night long they cough up the phlegm of disturbing emotions!

You should look for a doctor who knows the cure for what ails you,
And then with devotion in all three gates, prostrate and make offerings.

The guru is the best doctor of all—he has the best medicine,
He'll give it to you in a strong dose pointing out the three kayas!
Then the sickness of the five poisons will certainly disappear,
So after he's shown you the nature of mind, make him offerings.

Sung by Milarepa to the merchant Dawa Norbu at an inn in the northern part of Yeru, after he asked him how to practice Dharma. Tibetan page 316.
Under the guidance of Dechen Rangdrol, translated by Ari Goldfield, May 20, 2003, Karma Tengyal Ling, Germany. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.