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The Essential Points of Mahāmudrā, Dzogchen, and the Middle Way

Hey, hey, lucky students, diligent, faithful and smart,
Take a look at mind’s nature—simplicity, unborn.
When reference points and signs dissolve in certainty
Don’t strive, strain, or stop; just relax naturally.

Look nakedly at the inexpressible—
Mind’s basic nature, bliss and emptiness.
Relaxed, at ease, fixation-free,
All that binds is free in bliss-emptiness.
Within this clear light, the dharmadhatu,
Take a look at the play of unborn mind—
Mind’s play manifests as appearance-emptiness.

Pure awareness, from beginningless time,
Naturally present, transcending mind—
Clinging to this view as best dissolves naturally
When we realize mind’s reality.
Then tigles of light and rainbows can shine
But since we don’t think they’re real, these dzogchenpas are fine!

In accordance with the wishes of Dzogchen Ponlop, Rinpoche, the do-nothing Dechen Rangdrol sends these extemporaneous words to the Nalandabodhi sangha. They were translated fast and put to song by Ari Goldfield. March 12, 2000. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.