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Departing Wishes

Lord Marpa’s wishes for Milarepa,
sung to him the day before his final departure

To all lord gurus I bow in salutation!

Deserving son, whose labors all accord with Dharma
May you awake to buddhahood, the dharmakaya
May vajra recitation with its nectar-like taste
Provide the link that’s needed to gain sambhogakaya
On the tree of enlightenment, whose root is your mind
May the foliage of nirmanakaya grow
May the vajra speech resounding as the words of the guru
Never be forgotten but live on within your heart

And may the blessing of the yidams and dakinis
Soak down and penetrate the very roots of your life
With protecting forces and dharmapalas behind you
May they be with you always and take good care of you
And through the link that's forged through this wish for you so deep
May you accomplish quickly what it aspires to
And may the compassion of all who practice Dharma
Guide you as you're passing on your way through all three times

As soon as you get to the Silma pass in Tsang
The Tenma18 will be waiting there, all twelve, to guide you on
And when you take your leave and are on your way tomorrow
Dakas and dakinis will escort you on your way
And, at your longed for house and field, back in your homeland
Impermanence, the master illusionist, waits
And, of your family circle, you'll find your aunt and sister
Those masters at shattering illusions there as well

In a cave in the rock in a valley with no human being
You'll find your marketplace to trade samsara for nirvana
And, in the monastery of your body, persevering
You'll find your shrine room for the deities and sugatas
And at the feast where nettles are the healthy food that's offered
You'll find the nectar pleasing to the dakinis
And in the trulkhor yoga transforming all your vital points
You'll find the farm work just for you, that yields such precious fruit

And in your own home country, where you don't count for much
You can get straight down to practice, not get off the track
In strict retreat, with neither man nor dog as your companion
You'll have the torch in hand for quickly seeing the signs
For food your food will not be a ritual stipend
It will be a gift of bliss that comes straight from the gods
And in this palace of the deity, that casts no shadow
You'll enjoy the spectacle of your own ends achieved

By practicing the Dharma without hypocrisy
You'll perform enlightened deeds of samaya so pure
Through tending well your farm work of practicing as taught
You'll find the hidden treasure of the siddhis all at hand
And in the sacred teachings, dakinis’ living heartbeat
You'll find the last frontier between samsara and nirvana
For this transmission lineage of Marpa Lotsawa
Many doors will open to the sound of sweet renown

Through the persevering spirit of Milarepa
The pillar of the Buddha's teaching will stand
May all of those who take this as their central pillar
Enjoy the good that comes of an excellent lineage
Enjoy the good that comes of the Kagyu lineage gurus
Enjoy the good of yidams in all their excellence
Enjoy the good of Chakrasamvara's presence
Enjoy the goodness of the lord Hevajra's presence

Enjoy the good of Guhyasamaja's presence
Enjoy the good of Dharma in all its excellence
Enjoy the good that comes of the heartbeat of dakinis
Enjoy the good that comes of good dakinis' presence
Enjoy the good that comes of the three domains’ dakinis
Enjoy the good of excellent dharmapalas
Enjoy the good that comes of Dúsolma, the goddess
Enjoy the good that comes of having excellent students

Enjoy the good of practicing according to the guru's word
Enjoy the good of lineage surviving through transmission
And know the good of being stable and not wavering
Do not forget the points named here but put them into practice

Under the guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, translated and arranged by Jim Scott, Karme Choling, Barnet, Vermont, July 19, 1996, Tibetan page 126. Translation copyright 2012, Jim Scott