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The Aspiration Prayer for Self-Appearance’s Pure Realm

In this pure realm of self-appearance,
Rainbows and light fill the sky’s expanse,
Here reside bodhisattvas, bodhisattvis, and offering gods and goddesses—
May all wandering beings enjoy its happiness and glory.

By nature, the five poisons are perfect purity,
They’re the five wisdoms’ energy and play,
Skandhas and dhatus, perfectly pure, are the male and female tathagatas,
The senses and their objects, perfectly pure, are the bodhisattvas and sattvis,
May all enjoy this mahasukha wisdom energy.

Desire self-free is connate great bliss,
In everyone’s hearts may this bliss awake,
May self-arisen and self-free bliss-emptiness mahamudra
Become manifest effortlessly and spontaneously.

May first, my parents, relatives, and friends,
And all sentient beings, even my enemies,
Free of attachment, always enjoy this pure realm of self-appearance,
May everyone always enjoy this perfectly pure realm.

May all beings who have a connection with me
Of either positive or negative karmic deeds
Be deeply beloved to me, just like my friends and family,
And help me to perform the deeds of enlightenment.

By the power of my perfectly pure aspiration prayers
For all the beings to whom I give my flesh and blood,
When I reach the path of the noble ones, may they become my students,
And when I attain the state of enlightenment, may they be my first retinue.

May all beings whose flesh I eat with compassion,
Through the power of the skillful means of prayers
Take their place in my first retinue, and then may I lead them on the path—
May I set them on the path that leads to great enlightenment.

From the land in the center of the European Union19
Having left earth to fly twixt clouds and sun,
In an airship so miraculous, like an emanation
I made this perfectly pure aspiration prayer.

Dechen Rangdrol spoke this extemporaneously and Ari Goldfield wrote it down and translated it. Sarva Mangalam—may everything be virtuous and auspicious.  July 25, 2005. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.