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Ani Sherab Chozom

When she was a child in Tibet, Ani Sherap Chozom wanted to be a nun and told her farmer parents so. She was able to become one at age 15 at Drolma Puhk in Tibet but was subject to Chinese interrogation and finally their order to stop being a nun. She stayed at home not wearing robes for one year and then walked for 12 days and nights to reach Nepal, fearful the whole time of being caught by the Chinese. Crossing rivers and mountains without adequate food she finally made it to Nepal where she received Khenpo Rinpoche’s blessing and also went to Dharamsala, India, where she met the Dalai Lama and also received his blessing. She then returned to Yolmo in Nepal where she accomplished a three-year retreat as well as an additional one-year retreat. Ani Sherap Chozom likes meditating, working, pujas and study. She has served as Tel Chok Ling’s discipline master, as well as caring for the sick and looking after the cleaning of the nunnery, which is a big job in Kathmandu’s dust and din. She wants to “continue to be a nun and practice well.”