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Ani Shedrup Dolma

Ani Shedup Dolma is from Nubri in western Nepal and has two brothers. Her mother, now deceased, brought her to Kathmandu in order to become a nun. She is happy that she was able to become a nun one year before her mother’s death. She worked tending water buffalo, collecting mushrooms and in the nunnery garden. At first in Yolmo, it was difficult living in tin shacks which let in rain and snow. Ani Shedup Dolma worked carrying building stonecs. After coming to Tek Chok Ling, she returned to Yolmo for a year-long retreat, completing two ngondros (sets of preliminary practices) and also doing Avalokitesvara practice. Like others, she rotates through the various jobs at the nunnery. She likes studying English, philosophy and learning the different pujas. She wants to “help the nunnery in any way I can.”