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Ani Karma Thinley Yangdron

Ani Karma Thinley Yangdron came to the nunnery in April 2014. Her grandmother brought her. When asked about her father she says that she doesn’t have a father. She has a stepfather. She says she doesn’t like her stepfather because he abuses her mother. She also doesn’t like her mother because she abuses her grandmother. In the morning she helps to make the morning puja fire and to water the flowers. Right now she is unable to get up with the rest of the nuns so she gets up at 7am at breakfast and goes to bed at 7pm before everyone else. She likes rice, potatoes and sweet tea. She would like to be a nyerpa and a teacher. When asked why, she says the nyerpa is hard working and the teacher encourages others to study. She knows how to read the Tibetan alphabet.