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Ani Karma Sonam Drolma

Ani Karma Sonam Drolma is from Southern Bhutan. She dropped out of school because of the anti-national problems in Southern Bhutan. Ever since then she has been living with her parents, working in the village and enabling her younger brother and sister to study. While she was in the village she used to go to Buddhist and Hindu Temples to pray. In her heart she knew that she wanted to do religious practices but couldn't find the right time or place. Then she met some nuns from her village who encouraged her to be a nun also. Her mother objected to her decision to become a nun, but her father and brother were on her side and helped her get to the nunnery. Currently she is having difficulties with her study of the Dzongkha language, the language spoken at the nunnery. But she is studying diligently and wants to be a good nun and would like to serve the nunnery.