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Ani Dechen Palmo

Ani Dechen Palmo (Glorious Great Bliss Lady) is from Bhutan. Her family farmed, and she has four brothers and four sisters. Unfortunately her father has died. When she was in eighth grade, her brother died, and Ani Dechen Palmo decided then she would become a nun. She is the administrative dynamo of Tek Chok Ling, answering emails, helping everything to run smoothly and assisting visitors with her fluent English. She also teaches the other nuns and does translating and transcription of Rinpoche’s teachings. She especially likes cooking for Rinpoche (her sister is Thinley Palmo, Rinpoche’s main cook.) She likes hearing the teachings in English and has memorized dharma texts and songs in English. She also likes to meditate, and practices drawing mandalas. Every day for Ani Dechen Palmo is one of non-stop service to Tek Chok Ling, Rinpoche and her fellow nuns.