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Ani Tsundue Palmo

My name is Tsundue Palmo. I am from upper Dolpo and was born in 2018 in my hometown. My father’s name is Dhukgya and my mother’s name is Nyima Sangmo. I am the eldest daughter of my family and I have two little sisters, Choden and the youngest one is Namkhang. I become a nun in the middle of 2021 and now I am living at Tek Chok Ling Nunnery. I am very satisfied with my life. I am the smallest nun of my nunnery, and all nuns give me so much love. I am so thankful for my parents and Rinpoche-la for giving me the golden opportunity to study from this young age. I hope that I can fulfil my parents’ and Rinpoche-la’s aim by study well for the brightest future. Thank you everyone for taking your precious time to read about me.