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Ani Samten Sertso

One day when she was small, Ani Samten Sertso was on her way to school when she saw some nuns, and she decided then she wanted to be one. She is from Yolmo and has two sisters and one brother. Her parents are full time lay practitioners. After meeting Rinpoche in Kathmandu as a young teen and becoming a nun, she returned to Yolmo. Recalling her early life, she says “it was a very good way of living: sometimes Rinpoche would come up to teach and then sometimes he would say ‘Go play’.” Each morning she enjoyed singing the “Song of Meaningful Connections” and in the evening singing manis (Avalokitesvara mantras). She loves her life of study, work and friends at the nunnery. Since coming to Tek Chok Ling from Yolmo she has completed ngondro (100,000 of prostrations, mantras, mandala and guru yoga) twice and has returned to Yolmo for a six- month retreat. Ani Samten Sertso (Meditation Gold Lake) is one of the two main torma makers at the nunnery, and has traveled to the Kagyu Monlam to train. Her hope is to learn enough to be able to teach the other nuns at Tek Chok Ling.