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Ani Ngawang Lhamo

Ani Ngawang Lhamo is from Tibet. She has six sisters and two brothers. When she was twelve years old she traveled from Tibet with a group of business people to become a nun. It took them twelve days to reach the Nepal border. She has visited her family in Tibet twice since that time. On one trip she was jailed for three days. She says the food was not good, but at least they did give her food. For twenty years, she has been a nun at Thubten Choling Monastery in Nepal. Due to its remote location high in the mountains of Nepal it is one of the first contact points for Tibetans who find their way into Nepal each year. It is the home of His Holiness Trulsik Rinpoche and it houses 700 monks and nuns. There she learned to read Tibetan. Because of health issues, she was often sick living under such harsh mountainous conditions. She asked her teachers if she could move to Tek Chok Ling. With the help of a nun she knew at TCL, she was able to contact Ani Jampa and Ani Jampa agreed that she could move to TCL. Now she is studying at TCL’s school. She says it is difficult for her since she is older and she is just starting to study, but she is grateful for this opportunity to learn. She aspires to be a good nun.