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Your sponsorship makes it possible for nuns from Tibet, Himalayan regions of Nepal, and Bhutan to study and practice in Khenpo Rinpoche's nunneries.


Ani Norbu Zangmo
Birth Year:
Tsirang, Bhutan
Karma Drubdey Resident Monastic
Ani Norbu Zangmo is from Tsirang, Bhutan. She has four siblings. She has studied up through class 5. Her parents are divorced. She ran away from home to become a nun. She would like to serve the nunnery in her best way and would like to become a good nun. She says that she is ready to follow Ani Yeshi Chodron’s instructions to do whatever she wants her to do.


Ani Karma Tsomo
Half Sponsored
Birth Year:
Okhol Dunga, Nepal
Tek Chok Ling Resident Monastic
Ani Karma Tsomo is from Okhol Dunga, Nepal. She has three sisters and two brothers. Her mother lives in her village. She has never met her father. She is a relative of Ani Karma Samten, a nun at Tek Chok Ling. She went to school for three years in her village where the only subject taught was Nepali. Here at Tek Chok Ling she is excited about being able to study Tibetan, English, mathematics, Chinese and Nepali. She also looks forward to studying the texts and rituals of buddhism. She likes Tek Chok Ling, the access to education, the food and her new friends. She wants to study hard and become a teacher to help the Tek Chok Ling nuns.

The Benefits of Nun Sponsorship

The KTGR Nuns Sponsorship Program provides all the nuns at Tek Chok Ling (Nepal) and Karma Drubdey (Bhutan) with proper education, nutritious food, comfortable housing, medical care, books, and the chance to fully engage in the practice of the Buddha’s teachings.

Your tax-deductible support of $2 a day (or less than 2 € a day) makes this possible for over 120 nuns from Tibet, Himalayan regions of Nepal, and Bhutan.

Khenpo Rinpoche's nuns combine traditional dharma study and practice with Rinpoche's instructions on the view and meditation. They demonstrate this through singing Milarepa songs, performing their Tara dance, and practicing lujong (physical yoga).

Sponsors receive bi-annual letters from their nun and periodic updates from the Nun Sponsorship coordinators.

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